10,000 Trees planted by PTT in 3 months

Even before the end of the 3rd month of the “Gas up for a tree”planting activity of PTT, 10,000 new trees have been planted.

PTT 089


The Tree Planting activity was done at a denunded portion of the Bataan National Park in the town of Morong.

CEO Wisarn Chawalitanon is happy with the results from the support of their customers.

“We didnt expect to achieve our target so early, And we owe it all to all our volunteers, partners and supporters.

CEO Wisarn Chawalitanon


“Gas up for a tree”is part of the Corporate Social Responsibility projects of PTT, throught its foundation under the presidency of Paul Patricio Senador which launched the tree planting activity last May.

PTT 094

The local tribe of Aeta in the region, Magbukun Tribe will be the appointed caretakers of the trees planted in the area as part of their livelihood, with more than 100 families benefiting.

PTT 041
DENR undersecretary Demetrio Ignacio

Here you can see DENR undersecretary Demetrio Ignacio, expressing his support and happiness with PTT’s project.


PTT 049
The chief of the Magbukun Aeta tribe says thanks for all the support.

The program is supported by PTT, DENR and local government units and municipalities.

PTT 056

DENR undersecretary Demetrio Ingancio, was one one of the fervent supporters of the activity that made his way all the way up to the planting area to celebrate the 10,000 tree planted by PTT.

PTT’s tree planting project is a welcome move for everyone, especially with the rate our forests are disappearing. On the way up to the area for event, here are some of the wonderful sights we saw.

Each tree is planted by PTT for every customer that gasses up with a total of 1,000 php. Each 200php load will get you 1 sticker. For every tree plated, a number is given and tagged. The progress an the growth of the tree can be monitored via an android application.

PTT 023

PTT 025

As part of the celebrations, the tribal games were also held during the event.

PTT 018

Various tests of skills were done as a competition among the Aeta Tribe.

PTT 020

1st among the games held was archery. Above is a shot of one of the members of the tribe as he prepares to shoot an arrow.

PTT 118

Another game we were able to witness was the spear throwing contest.

PTT 110


PTT’s celebration of their 10,000 trees planting activity was a success. It is nice to know that there are companies out their that do there share in helping restore our planet earth. As mentioned by 1 of the guest speakers, for every 1 car on the road, we need at least 10 trees. So Keep up the good work!!!

PTT 121

Our group thanks PTT for inviting us to join the momentous event!! Cheers!




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