15 Essential applications that everyone needs on their smartphones.

15 Essential applications that everyone needs on their smartphones.

Today, the in the Philippines, smartphones, tablets and phablets are all around us. The next thing that goes with smartphonesare mobile applications. Here are a list of applications that all smartphone users will find useful.

  1. Viber – is available in Android, IoS and Windows phones ( also on desktops ) It is a free app that you can use to call and send messages to other viber users. What most people don’t know is that you can also use viber to make calls to non viber users around the world with the viberout function. Eg. Calls to USA cost .85 cent in pesos or 1.9 cents USD.
  2. Waze – is a crowd sourcing application for traffic and location that can tell you how to get to a place at the same time telling you how bad the traffic situation is. The more Waze users in the area, the more accurate the updates.
  3. Kingsoft Office – is a free application that can handle most functions that you can do on your PC with your Microsoft Offices. A must have for people on the go and needing to create or update documents.
  4. Instagram – is the absolute picture lovers app. Which is by the way owned by Facebook. Did you know that you can also upload short video clips and not just pictures? You can link your instagram account to post on your FB and twitter at the same time.
  5. Foursquare- application for checking in where you are to show where you have been. Users can also see tips and comments left by other users about the place.
  6. Twitter – Who doesn’t know about twitter? Headline stories or updates about you or whatever you feel like posting. Did you know you can also attach pictures to your tweets to show to your followers and friends? #hastags lets other twitter users to be able search for relevant posts.
  7. Timehop- ever seen the year ender video that Facebook made for everyone? This app takes it further by giving you control on what you see. 1 year, 2 year or 3 years ago. Sourced from your FB account, Twitter amdInstagram.
  8. Facebook- good old facebook – a social media hub that you use to keep in touch with friends and not so friends all over the world. Did you also know that you can call your friends who are online on FB through Facebook?
  9. Spotify – love listening to music? Then you’ll love spotify. They have set s of musics you can listen to based on your mood or genre of music you like. You’ll need internet access to use this.
  10. Playstore – this is one application that all android users always use and never uninstall. Playstore is the best place to get all you new apps for your mobile phone or tablet.
  11. Gmail – email messaging service provided and powered by google.
  12. Grab taxi – for all those who want or need to get a taxi. This app helps you find a taxi, which is safe and secured to bring you where you are going for an small additional fee besides the flagdown rate of the taxi. &0 php for non globe and 50 php for globe users. No free promo for Cebu users. Did you also know that besides Taxis, you can also grab a car – a private car. Available in Makati, BGC and Ortigas only.( See the second icon labeled grabcar?)


13. MMDA application is a simple bar graph application that shows you the traffic situation on major roads with the red, yelloe and green color codes.

14 raincheckph is a join collaboration between voyager and pagasa. It basically tells you the chances of rain in a particular area using the same technology that pagada uses.


15. Inkpad this notepad application is nifty and reminds me of the yellow pad. You can save, share and backup the notes. Also has a pc version you can use on your desktop.

So there you are, the 15 basic apps you at least need in your phone.


Gadget of the Month

Our featured gadget of the month is the successor of one award winning phone from one award winning company that touts creative and useful innovations for their products.

Maxine PIcs (1)

It has a 5.9 HD IPS display with a 3.3 mm side bezel which makes the screen occupy a larger space. It also has a 1 watt Hi -Fi speaker

Powered by Quadcore2.26Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Chipset and Kitkat 4.4 Operating System with 3 gig RAM and a 3,200 mAh removable battery

Its back camera boasts of a 13 megapixel Full HD cam with OIS+ (Optical image Staplizer plus) And the video records a stunning 120 frames per secong HD.

Which phone is it? None other than the newest flagship of LG Mobile, the LG G2 Pro.

LG pic 3

What’s new with the LG G Pro2?

One of the best features is the Knock code with more than 80,000 combinations possible to lock and unlock your phone.

LG  Pic 1

Another feature that I noticed but is not widely known in most high end phones is the send scheduled text. Like FB or Twitter, now you can schedule when to send text messages to your contacts.

LG PIc 2

Retail price is at 32,990 php




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