19th Hot Air Balloon Festival 2015

Up Up and Away!

“I’m afraid that If my dream is realized, I’ll have no reason to go on living.”


JpegQuoting the crystal merchant(one of the characters) from the novel, The Alchemist. He was afraid to reach for his dreams, and the mere thought of having a pilgrimage to Mecca & realizing to meet his fantasy is the end of his journey.

Well, it’s not intended for all–especially to those who are capable of dreaming… and fulfilling it to do so makes life more interesting.

To Reach for it, Wait for it.


02.15.2015. I have witnessed the spectacular event which highlights Everything That Flies from sun up to sun down. It was roughly four long years of waiting to make it happen. Wherein my-mind-is-willing-but-my-body-is-weak kind of situation and a bunch of unending alibis to not make it over the past years.

Aim it.

When I was a kid, I fly a kite with my playmates. It’s quite fascinating and really amazing that in just a piece of thread, where the body of kite is connected, you can manipulate a toy which serves as a linkage between heaven and earth.
It was equally superficial and deep for a child to dream about flying and aiming to reach for the sky.
I’d like to believe that you exactly know what you want since you were seven and make it fulfill until you go to heaven.

Look back. Rewind.

2011. Since I learned about the perennial Hot Air Balloon Festival, I was ecstatic every time I see a number of vivid photographs and the compelling bliss of people in the news and articles towards the renowned Big Balloon.

I promised myself to participate in the next event but apparently, due to multiple reasons, unfavorable situations and lack of motivation, I never had the chance to push myself and experience it first hand.

Claim it.


I was about to accept the fact that witnessing the Hot Air balloon festival will remain to be a dream. Until last February 15th of this year, it has been realised and materialised. The long wait is finally over, All you need to have is the willingness to make it happen.. and with the same level of eagerness of your chosen company–be it your bunch of family, cluster of friends or by the presence of your significant other.
Perfect timing plays a major role to make it happen, However, the mere presence of time is not the sole reason for everything. It should be in perfect harmony with patience and persistence. Pati

Jpeg Jpeg

It is highly recommended by a dreamer for dreamers to try to experience it for yourself.

A weekend that everything that flies; To fuel up your passion and open up your curious mind. Aviation at its finest. Up. Up. And. Away! Though hot air balloon is the main attraction, There are number of ways to purposely stay at the event. Motorized paragliding exhibition, Radio-controlled model aircraft demonstration and Tandem Skydiving exhibition to name a few. Also, flight schools that fly by is on high!

You may enhance your festival experience by roaming around the area to get freebies, purchase memorabilia’s, satisfy your taste buds, kick around to a number of food stalls and especially take your own photographs.
To end the insightful event with a bang, seeing the Hot Air balloon on a night glow and fireworks is a great pleasure for your eyes.

Let not your dreams just be dreams. You can make it to reality. I humbly ask for lemons but the event gave me a conglomeration of fruits in tha basket.

Next plan?? Ride and experience the Hotair balloon myself.