20 years of the Philippines connected to the Internet

Anyone know how long the Philippines has been connected to the Internet???

Duuhhhh! It’s in the title. Lol

Well, most likely, most people never had any idea how long exactly the Philippines has been connected. I’m in the call center industry and social media, but I just found out when I attended the Cyberpress Philippines celebration  a couple of weeks ago.

20 years of the internet 1

Torres is the acknowledged  as the “Father of the Philippine Internet” for his role in bringing the country online in the 1990’s, beginning with a humble 64kbps serial link to US-based Sprint Communications in the early morning of March 29, 1994.

20 years of the internet 2

Benjie Tan, is the engineer who initialized the connection who now works for Globe Telecom in the Philippines.

Who would have imagined that in 20 years from a 64kpbs connection, the Philippines now has multiple internet providers and a whole landslide of computer, Tablets and mobile phone suppliers to cater to one of the world’s heaviest internet users.

The event was of course, opened up by the current presidet of the Cyberpress, the beautiful and brilliant Alora.

20 years of the internet

I wonder where the Philippines will be in the next 20 years?

Special thanks to Juanmanilaexpress.com – Our friend Enzo Luna for sharing his pictures with me. Click the link to read more about his article on the 20 years of the Internet.










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