24 hours Spa – Wensha

24 hours Spa – Wensha

Anyone looking for a Spa open for 24 hrs?

Well, look no further. Wensha’s Spa in Pasay and Timog ave, Quezon City is open 24 hrs.


Prices range from around 680php to basic body massage to around 2,000 php each.

Prices include:

Buffet ( inclusive of Shabu – Shabu) with drinks

Coffee – 3 in 1 ( dont forget the stubs that the cashier will attach to your receipt when you pay -She didn’t tell me it was for coffee)

If you want brewed coffee its 90php each.

After paying, you get a bracelet that acts as your key for your locker and your customer number for all other transactions.


Next step, check in your shoes on the right side of the counter.

After changing to slippers, Males go to the left side of the counter. Look for the mural depicting a male.


Females to the right of the counter.


Once in the locker room, you have 2 options :

Change and start your spa routine, or pass thru the locker to the dining area and eat.


There is a leftover charge for food and juices.

The spa offers steam, sauna and whirpool jacuzzi to relax you before and after your massage.

Then off to the massage area, walk through the non smoking dining area, smoking area (yes, there is a smoking area inside) Males are to the left, Females to the right.

Massage rooms are all for 2 persons. No private rooms. No couple rooms.

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