8th UP Touch Football invitationals and the Nomads Bullettes

A cople of days ago, me and a couple of guys from the PBNet team were invited by our friend Ms. Arabelle Jimenez to watch her team the Nomads Bullettes play in the 8th UP Touch Football invitationals held in UP Diliman.


So off we went to watch.. what we saw there was not what we expected…. A lot of teams both male and female were waiting along with teams from UP and other prestigious schools from the metro.

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The goal was to score touchdowns on your side and avoid getting touched by the other team. 6 players on the field on any given time and 4 teams playing in 2 fields.tmp_Nomads Bullettes 2  00014-1820316575

Games started at 1030and lasted till the afternoon with team playing almost against everyone.
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The day started of cloudy then sunny as time went by. I was amazed at the stamina of the players as they played games throughout the day.

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The Red Bull girls stopped by to help keep the energy of the players up.

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Sportmanship and camaraderie was evident in all players whether they won or lost.

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But of course, in all contests, some must win and a lot must lose.

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In the end, the bullettes made it as far as 2nd place for the womens division! Go Bullettes!


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