A bill that has sense. The Philippine Green Jobs Act of 2014

Rather than pass stupid bills in congress and waste time, effort and resources of the people, why not pass bills that are proactive and forward thinking?

The Philippine Green Jobs Act of 2014, which aims to complement the Climate Change Act, is being filed by Congressman Karlo Nograles of Davao City that aims to create and establishmore environment-friendly industries and services to reduce the adverse effects of climate change in the country.

“With the adverse effects of climate change being felt around the world and its increasing threat to lives and properties, nations have found it imperative to facilitate and guide the process of making industries less harmful to the environment,” Nograles said.

Green Solutions is the way to go.. It help save our resources and also the surroundings.

Cong. Karlo Nograles ( Representative, 1st District Davao City. )

Green jobs are employment opportunities that produce goods and services that benefit and preserve the environment. These particularly involve business enterprises that use fewer natural resources in their production processes. Some examples of this are websites run and hosted on hosting services using green technologies – that means all power used to maintain the servers are from green producing technologies like windmills.

More than highlighting labor as an essential economic force needed in sustainable development, the Nograles bill seeks to promote the right of individuals to a safe and clean ecology. To carry this out, Nograles said the government shall identify needed skills and develop programs for research and the training of workers.

“The bill requires the government to strengthen the capacity of workers and businesses to prevent, manage, mitigate and adapt to, the adverse impact of climate change and disasters and continue to create, sustain or expand opportunities for employment, by improving ourbusiness climate and working conditions,” he said.

To help give recognition to efforts in this, fiscal incentives will be granted to individuals and enterprises who participate in the creation of green jobs, use green technologies, and produce green goods and services. This is also to encourage others to engage in the same practices.

What are these incentives? One of these is:

Special deductions from gross income amounting to 200 percent of the total grants over and above the allowable ordinary and necessary business deductions under the National Internal Revenue Code.

Nice , right? To all Lawmakers – this is the type of bills that you should be pursuing.

I wonder if having home based employees considered part of this bill?




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