A day out in Manila Ocean Park

I’ve been to Manila Ocean Park many times before since it opened and it never ceases to amaze me that they keep on adding more attractions every time I visit.

I’ve you haven”t been there before, it’s one of the must see places in Metro Manila to bring the family and kids for a day or even just an afternoon.


In the picture above is the ticket counter for Manila Ocean Park and the prices.

Besides the Aquarium, other attractions have been added like the snow village, Aquanaut and others.


One of the new attractions is the Trails to Antartica… love the cold? then this is one place you need to visit.

Before that, here are some of the types of Fish we saw in the Aquarium.


I think this one is a Stingray, not sure – any comments anyone?



Boy, this fish must have a ton of bills for his Dermatologist – hahahaha


Meet the Frog Fish – I dont know why its called a frog fish – maybe a better one with be stone fish.



Here’s a shot of the development stage of a type of shark. Bottom one is the one that the shark is already out and you can see the top one with the shark still inside.



Here’s a BIG FISH!!!

Besides the aquarium, we were able to visit the Trails to  Antartica and one of the other attractions that you will pass by on the way there is this one.


The Aquanaut – you can read the rules and guidelines in the picture.


A gentle reminder to people that want to actually go to Antartica.


Here’s a shot of my boys standing in front of the map by the entrance to Antartica.


Don’t forget to bundle up for the cold. Also don’t wear leather shoes if you don’t want your toes to freeze off.


Here’s a shot of the map of Manila Ocean Park. Besides the aquarium and the other attractions I mentioned, there is still the fish spa, light show, penguin talk show and a couple more places you can visit. Also no worries for the hungry tummy as the inside of the place is lined with restaurants you can eat at for affordable prices. I wonder what new attraction they will have in the next couple of months. I’m sure my boys will enjoy it again just like they did the last time we visited.








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