A quick review of the PLDT TVOLUTION

A couple of months ago, PLDT came up with the TVOLUTION -its a small box that works like a mini computer that you attach to your smart TV and it lets l\you surf the internet. As I write this, I am currently using my smart tv -but not the tvolution – hehehe -I brought home my small compact cpu and connected it via HDMI cable. Although I tested the TVOLUTION and you can actually surf tyhe net even use facebook.


Well, Unboxed, you will get these:


2. HDMI Cable -about 5 inches.

3. Bluetooth Remote control

4. Power cord for the device.

The device also has its own wifi router built in so you can connect it wirelessly.

The device has 6 slots or ports.

1 usb port- which you can use to connect your keyboard.


an optical audio jack

a micro usb port

a micro sd port

and 2 hdmi port – input and output.

Here is the welcome screen you will see when you turn it on.


You will need the bluetooth remote control to navigate the screen -which is a bit tricky and nt so easily managed. You can also download the control panel for your Telpad ( if you  have one )


Once downloaded there are 2 options on how to control using the telpad.


The mouse mode and the touch mode – which again is very hard to use – I guess they still need to tweak this app a bit more in terms of ease of use.

But it seems a pretty decent device – one thing I wasnt able to try was connect a bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

You can even edit documents with the pre installed Kingston Application.


There are other pre installed apps like the news for Channel 5.

Here is a quick look at the specifications:

Ram – 1 Gig DDR ram

Flash – 4 gb NAND Flash

Resolution Rate – 1080p/1080i/720p

4 core cpu, 16 core gbu Dual Band Wifi and Bluetooth 4.0


All in all, it looks like this will be great for couch potatoes and couch surfers. Bad for those that have slow internet – lucky me, I have 5 mbps from Globe Tattoo Home for only 1599 a month with free unlimited calls to globe and touch mobile.

I guess they would still need to do a better job in the user interface, and probably increase the ram to somewhere to 2-3 gig and more memory would be nice. Although you could probably put an external micro sd to increase the capacity.

All in all – its good if you can afford it I guess you can watch movies and stream videos via Clickplay or watch teleseryes via MYPINOY TV. but I guess I wouldnt use one since its more comfortable to use a tablet in bed -Just dont drop it on your face.


Ron is a happily married man for more than 10 years, the father of 3 boys. Loves to write about places that he visits. And works in the BPO industry.