Work At Home piliPinas is an internet based group of Filipino call center professionals who have opted to work at home rather than commute to the office on a daily basis.

All our members have extensive call center experience in areas ranging from Lead Generation, Sales, Appointment Setting, Surveys, and Virtual Assistants. Our following areas of expertise are in; Outbound and Inbound sales, Customer Service, and Tech Support.

We have been in the business since 2009.

Our clients have ranged from small to medium sized companies in different areas; Loan Mitigation, IT outsourced solutions, Real Estate, Web development. Insurance.

Why Outsource?

As most companies have learned in the past few years due to globalization, Competent,  Intelligent and Resourceful staff are available around the world.  Working remotely with your staff has never been easier. Thanks to the advances in technology, like voip, vpn and data management services.

Outsourcing frees up your time for more important tasks, like closing the deal, taking care of your customer’s needs, or just being able to think on the next steps for the company.

Like some of our clients found out, it’s a lot easier to outsource your telemarketing/appointment setting needs, so they could concentrate on the positive hits that were generated by the outbound telemarketers they hired.

Outsourcing provides you additional, experienced staff working for you, without adding to much cost in your cashflow. No need to pay for medicare, or other benefits as with your regular employees.

We have two options for our clients.

1st is the home-based setup, which most clients prefer as it has lower rates for basically the same service.

Our guarantee for employers is that they get what they paid for. Quality work. Our guarantee to our agents is that they get paid, no matter what.

2nd is the traditional site based setup in which agents are in one office location.

Both options have their own pros and cons. Contact us now for a free quote.