All phones Completes Food Trippers’ Essentials

Summer is the warmest of the four temperate seasons, in its time for vacation by spending by more time outdoors during the summer. Activities such as traveling to the beach and picnics occur during summer months. Especially visiting new or favorite places but also discovering a sense of locality through the food they serve. And when take a pictures of these dishes along with ourselves are enjoying them. Thanks to smart phones and mobile internet, we become instant foodie trippers just by clicking that camphone and sharing on social media like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.


If you’re in a new place and have an appetite for discovery, this applies as much to destinations as well as food. There are places that have distinctive dishes that are not usually found in other places. Some dishes are more exotic than others.


More and more food from our regions and provinces are being offered in Metro Manila so you can reason out, what’s the use of going out of town to enjoy them?


There are chicken inasal restaurant in Metro Manila. But it’s still quite a different experience to try the version in Bacolod and Ilo-ilo As for Cebu-style lechon, where else but in Cebu is the best? And in Vigan, their distinct empanada and longaniza are worth the trip.


Here’s the food Tripper’s essential that brings all of the above together having a good smart phones and a mobile internet connection. “Post a photo (or video) or it didn’t happen.”  Nowadays, it’s no longer enough to comment about your foodie experience in words you have to show what the dish looks like.  Since we see food before we even taste it, an image of a particular dish already shares your foodie experience in a powerful way.  And, of course, it’s a proof of your food trip.


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“Post a photo/video or it didn’t happen” is a mantra in the Internet Age. So if you enjoy a particular dish in a place you’ve visited, go ahead and take a snapshot then share on the Web. It’s much easier to do this if you avail of sweet deals on smart phones and post-paid plans at Allphones stores.




Be adventurous on food trips–try local delicacies even though they’re unfamiliar. It’s a way of getting a sense of place and savoring, literally, the flavors of the local culture. Before heading off to your food trip, be sure to get a smart phone–at affordable, value-for-money deals–from an all phones store.




Food tripping is even more fun when you share your delicious culinary discoveries to friends on social media. Make sure to get an affordable, value-for-money deal on smartphones at an Allphones store–and then go ahead point, click, and post your foodie experience.


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