Applications and Services that you can use so you’re not using pirated items

In the day and age of the internet.. There are a lot applications, programs and services that people can already use in their everyday life that need not be expensive, and most of the time its free.. Now, the day and age of piracy is dying down…

Yes.. companies still ask for fees for applications and services they produce but nowadays there is usually a free option already or in some cases the fee is very small.

Here are some of the major categories of the applications, profgrams and services that you can use for free or for a small fee that will help you NOT be a Pirate.

1. Operating Systems:

Windows is the most popular Operating System out there for Personal Computers and laptops.. followed by iOS and Android platforms for the consumers.. but most people dont know about these 3 updates.

1.1 Windows 10 –  windows 10 will be made free to everyone to update and upgrade.. what’s the catch? its only for a short period of time and then as far as we understand it, it will be subscription based. If you dont subscribe, you dont get access to the tech support and updates.. Microsoft has been a bit vague on the issue on when this will happen and the specific details… lets wait and see.

1.2 Ububtu – Linux –  this Operating system can be used almost anywhere you can use a windows OS.. and the great thing about it is its free!! Yes absolutely free..  Installing it on you PC isnt actually that hard.. believe me I’ve tried.. a lot of open source guys love this OS coz its easy to use and update and install.. Drawbacks is that you will need to get used to how it looks and feels..


1.3 Android –  so far android OS is now at the Lollipop stage… or version.. so far I havent heard of any PC running an Android OS.. but their has been transformer notebooks and tablets that feel like laptops that run on either the kitkat or lollipop versions… I havent personally tested any of it.. Ill let you guys know once I do.

1.4 Chome OS –  Chrome OS is a product of google.. they use it on the chromebooks that have recently started gaining popularity in the market.. Here are a couple of things that I notice with chromebooks –  Since I am now using one from Acer the C720., the battery life is bad ass – mine lasts for around 8-10 hours use or about 3 days on and off usage…the other thing is that it is so light… According to my hardcore tech buddies.. you can actually convert your pc’s to run on Chrome OS or Ubuntu easily.. I’ll try it out one of these days..

2. Music

Gone are the days when you would borrow CDs from your friends to illegally rip the music to your PCs or MP3 players or buy pirated copies to play.  Fast-forward to current times, you should also know that the days of torrenting music albums are also on its way out. Replacing these are new music streaming applications that give you access to thousands, if not millions, of songs and albums for free. Some applications even offer playlists and radio features from all over the world perfect for you to find one that’s most suitable for your musical tastes.spotify


Top music streaming apps like Spotify, or even the locally made Spinnr are available for Filipinos, and feature a wide array of OPM hits, too. I personally use the FREE version of Spotify. Downloading takes up unnecessary amounts of memory space for music that changes every so often. I’d rather save the space for games and other more permanent content.

3. Videos, TV Series, and Movies

Similar to the music industry, the movie / film industry is one of the most highly affected when it comes to piracy. Don’t deny that you’ve gone to Quiapo at least once to scout for DVDs at 3 for Php 100. And with no NetFlix service in sight in the Philippines, torrenting and patronizing these pirated copies were everyone’s guilty pleasure.


I’d like to introduce to you the new kids on the block that beat NetFlix to Asia penetration in VOD (video on demand): HOOQ! HOOQ is an online entertainment service that gives you access to a library of thousands of international and local movies and TV series. A start-up joint venture between Singtel, Sony Pictures Television, and Warner Bros. Entertainment, HOOQ is set to change the way people consume and enjoy entertainment by allowing customers to watch movies and TV across their devices – be it smartphones, computers, and tablets. It’s downloadable via iOS and Android and also accessible via web (

Filipinos can now catch up on their favorite movies and TV series all they want. With its 13 genres, customers can enjoy drama from favorite series like Gossip girl and/or enjoy intense action from films like the Dark Knight Rises and Unknown. Local film and TV content will also be available through partnerships with the country’s top studios, such as GMA, Viva Communications, Regal Entertainment, and ABS-CBN.  Relive local high-grossing films such as Metro Manila, A Secret Affair, Shake Rattle and Roll and Ang Tanging Ina, as well as classics including Dyesebel, Bagets and Bituing Walang Ningning. Highly-rated TV series like My Husband’s Lover, Mulawin, Tayong Dalawa and Mara Clara. (Wait for my review on this, soon!)


Well, I’m pretty sure guys as old as me would love to watch The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Skrull, Wing Commander and similar old shows!


It seems this post has already gone on too long.. lol.. watch out for part 2


Ron is a happily married man for more than 10 years, the father of 3 boys. Loves to write about places that he visits. And works in the BPO industry.