Attract Luck this 2014 with the Right color and Fashion by Frigga

Frigga – A charmed life .

Last Octoberr 8, 2013, WAHPINAS (work at home pinas) was one of the invited bloggers to cover the Press Release event of Ms.Marites Allen for her mini fashion show of her Frigga Collection.

Hosting the event was Tim Yap.

Frigga by Maritess Allen 80


The practice of  Feng Shui, the Chinese art of placement, goes back hundreds of years ago and has grown in popularity not only in Asia but also in the western world. Basic to the practice is the influence of the 5 cosmic elements – Wood, Earth, Fire, Metal and Water.

Frigga by Maritess Allen 82

Launched in London, Tokyo and soon in Manila this year, Frigga incorporates Feng Shui into its design to come up with comfortable, luxurious and eye catching pieces that cater to wearers with specific intentions.

Frigga by Maritess Allen 06

Frigga is a registered European brand in London. Composed of a team of award winning fabric designers and creative and experienced fashion designers ensures the constant flow of ideas incorporating the principles of Feng Shui in the designs.

Frigga by Maritess Allen 12

People attending the 2014 Annual Feng Shui updates will be be able to watcha nd see for themselves the designs for the coming New Year for the Spring and Summer collection of Frigga

Frigga by Maritess Allen 10

The event will be on December 7, 2013 at F1 Hotel in Global City. with Guest host Asia’s King of Talk, Mr. Boy Abunda.

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