Babble Messenger: The very first Messenger App developed by the Filipino for the Filipino.

Now, we have Babble Messenger PH
Now, we have Babble Messenger PH


Do you guys remember the very first online chat room you joined? I know I remember mine and that was Yahoo Messenger. At the age of 14 while I was in my Second Year High School, internet shops became a hit. It was then back in 2002 that personal computers became available for rental by the hour. So, as a high school student curiosity got the best of me and led me to spending my weekly savings on it. The world wide web was a big mystery for me back then and the experience of being in a chat room that permits you to say anything you like with the privilege of anonymity just spiked the thrill of it tenfold.

It was also back then that mobile phones became prepaid and mobile phones were like status symbols in my school. I got my 3310 Nokia mobile phone as a present for my  Elementary graduation back in S.Y. 2000. We bought it from Globe along with a SIM card, it was all-in-all Php 9,300.00. Can you believe the price of that phone back then!? Seriously, every time I remember; I  get the goosebumps. The dawn of online chat rooms and available mobile prepaid phones revolutionized how human race, moreover how Filipinos communicate to each other. There was a rapid BOOM in people who are raved with chat rooms, text mates, group messaging, text clans, animated messaging, “secret on” and lots of other stuff. It was crazy, it seems like people are now shifting from the former Pen and Phone Pals to the Online chat rooms and to text messaging.

When Smart Phones were introduced to the market, everything became different. Now you can connect online using your phone, anywhere, anytime to basically anyone around the globe. Having online access basically makes the average man do almost anything on the palm of his hand. With it’s discovery, now we can see who we chat with, we can locate them thru GPS, we can block people who we do not wish to communicate with and tons of other possibilities.


“I personally think that the introduction of data plans where phones are bundled with internet connection payable on a monthly bill basis paved the way to Online Messenger Applications.”

Messenger apps, gives the user the advantage of communicating with another person online without having to spend a Peso on regular load for SMS or calls from phone-to-phone. These bundles are so available even an elementary student can have one, with of course the permission and financing of their parents. How great is that?! From the time these were discovered to date, there have been a lot of creative additions, such as voice file, image file chat options, stickers, making your own chat room and a lot more.

These applications are all foreign developed but is mostly used by  Filipinos as indicated by statistics. There has been no Filipino-developed Messenger application, until 2013. Now we have one of our very own to boast; and that is  “BABBLE Messenger App” .

Not only that I am proud to say it was developed by “VOYAGER”, a subsidiary company of  SMART Communications Inc.; I am also very happy about the fact that it doesn’t have so much advertisements in it, you can block people whom you don’t like to see in your chat room, the people on your contacts are the actual people saved in your Babble App, so a person cannot really add you if he/she doesn’t know your mobile number; which is awesome since they’d have to know me personally to add me as one of their contacts and vice versa.

There are different chat rooms limited to 30 users per room categorized per interest.


What sets this Messenger App apart from the others greatly is it’s “Secret Messaging” function. In order to maintain the privacy of the conversation, you can send messages, videos, pictures that will disappear right before the reader’s eyes in just  10  seconds. It stirs up the idea back when letters once gone will never be restored so you just linger on the memory of reading it. You can tell your crush you like her without being too shy about it since it’ll not stay on his/her phone long enough that other people can see it eventually. You can express what you really feel to a person without being judged by multiple interpretations of what you said since the reader only reads it once and that person will only have one interpretation of what you posted. It’s just pure amazing, how Filipinos can think of these innovations.

We also had a small contest during the launch. The question was; what is the most common word used in chat rooms?! Who would’ve guess right? Apparently, it’s “HAHA”. Ms. Jaja Ramirez of TheRogueWriter who got a preloaded Samsung S4 for giving the correct answer. Congratulations dear!

Ms. Jaja Ramirez winning a Samsung S4 for answering "HAHA" as the most common word used in chatrooms
Ms. Jaja Ramirez winning a Samsung S4 for answering “HAHA” as the most common word used in chatrooms

I am just one proud Babble user, I can’t give out my phone number unless I know you guys personally, so see you in the public chat rooms!!!! I’m almost always in the foodie group. ^_^

Mommy D for wahpinas
Mommy D for wahpinas