Bank of the Philippine Islands

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Upon making more research on why should I choose BPI as my partner made me uncover some monumental facts not only to the light of banking and finance but also to Philippine History. BPI is the oldest bank in Southeast Asia, it has a long and distinguished history that spans over a century.  Its network of 831 branches is by far the largest of any bank in the Philippines to date.

Pesos Fuertes
Pesos Fuertes

BPI was established on August 1, 1851 as the El Banco Español Filipino de Isabel II (Spanish-Filipino Bank of Isabel II), named after the queen of Spain, Isabella II, the daughter of former king Ferdinand VII.  It is the first bank to issue the Philippine peso. They were originally called pesos Fuertes (PF), or “strong pesos”. First printed on May 1, 1852, they were redeemable at face value for gold or silver Mexican coins.

In 1969, Ayala Corporation, which had been affiliated with the bank since its establishment in 1851; became the dominant shareholder of BPI and eventually made it into the flagship of Ayala’s financial entities. In 1982, BPI became a universal bank, and in 2000, became the Philippines’ first bank assurance firm, being the first Philippine bank to offer insurance services after acquiring the insurance companies of the Ayala Group, the parent company of the Ayala Corporation. Within that year, BPI also founded the BPI Direct Savings Bank, an Internet bank, which launched BPI into 21st century banking.

While it is considered by many as an old institution, BPI is dynamic as it caters to its various clients, which hail from different sectors of Philippine society. I am in much awe about the story of this unbelievable bank which in time had made a name and an identity that nobody can forget. Seriously, if you think of BPI can you think of anything else it could mean other than “Bank of the Philippine Islands”?!

Here are some very useful links on what to do to get started on earning points. You can also explore on how you could take leverage on their strategic services. In my opinion they’ve already surpassed the limitations of banking and finance, but who knows we still might get surprised with their innovations.

Call BPI Express Phone by dialing:
• 89-100 for Metro Manila
• 1-800-188-89100 for domestic toll-free calls (where available)
• Access Code + 63 + 2 + 89-10000 for mobile phone users or international calls.
• or through our International Toll Free Numbers*