Beware of Work At Home Scams like the sites listed in this article

Beware! There are a lot of work at home scams.

Most of them are easy to spot – they ask for payment or for the jobs they will give you.

But there are also sites like these.



As you can see, the site seems legit on the 1st glance. It even carries the logo of Western Union. I wonder if they know about this?

On a closer look – check out the stats on the upper right about the amount paid, number of members online and such – I took this screenshot a couple of days ago – try going to the website -its still the same.

Another point is that they give out 10 usd per job? Hahaha.

Be careful with sites like this – they will have you download a couple of items from google playstore and even register via text.

The downloads seem pretty harmless – I dont know if DU applications for android – like du battery saver and others know that they are linked to this scam site.

Other offers they say they will pay you is to subscribe to entfactory – DONT -It will eat up your load 10 php per day!


Try googling the site itself and add the word scam – you’ll be surprised.

Here is a list of other scam sites I found:



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