Buffet Lunch experience at the 100 Revolving Restaurant

I have always wondered what revolving restaurant means? At the back of my mind the food was arranged in a circle or probably just like a japanese restaurant the food was passing in a circle.


To my surprise the chairs and tables are placed around the restaurant which continuously revolves in a very slow pace. You wont feel the movement. At first i was adamant to eat while moving but to my satisfaction it was pleasantly done you get to enjoy the scrumptious food by chef jessie at the same time continuously enjoy the view . Did I mention it is located at the 33rd floor?

During saturdays they have a buffet which costs 1200+++

To satisfy my undying hunger for specialties, I initially tried all the appetizers.

Which was Thai Food!


After the Appetizers, next was the prawn soup which was really delicious.

What’s the House Specialty?


The skin of the pig was crispy and tasty, I didn’t even partner it with the sauce.. So yummy!

Then here are some of the choices for the main course.


They are all delicious not so salty yet you wont be looking for condiments.

And here are some of the YUMMY Desserts!

I don’t have a sweet tooth but believe me I went back for 3 times for these desserts

The beverages ranges in a wide variety from Juices to Sodas, you can even have alcoholic drinks

But to help me digest all these sinfully satisfying food is the lemon grass tea.


FOOD: tasty not salty AMBIANCE: perfect for a romantic date


Best time: during sunset

Atmosphere: classy

Weekdays: a la carte

Weekends: buffet

Time hours: 11 am up to closing

Romantic rendezvous with a twist!

What can I say? Its so great!! You will keep coming back for more!