Call Center Broker/BPO summit 2012 speakers

Call Center Broker/BPO summit 2012 speakers

The event started a bit late around 9 am. with the 1st speaker

AM and PM snacks were provided by Angels Pizza.

Free coffee, mineral water and snacks were provided
Here is the profile of some of the speakers:


For Nelda, SKILLSHOP is the culmination into reality of a passion to INSPIRE. To TEACH. To SHARE the wealth of wisdom she honed from over 20 years of senior management experience in the corporate workplace.


Nelda brings into the SKILLSHOP learning process a unique dimension fuelled by hands-on professional management experience in the human capital-intensive customer service industries, particularly in telecommunications, information and communications technology, and the phenomenally-expanding off shoring and outsourcing (O & O ) industries.Propelled by the power of Internet-enabled technology, Nelda has led multi-cultural teams of varying age groups and diverse disciplines to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction for Fortune 500 companies across the globe. An effective enabler, she has successfully managed mission-critical operations in the dynamic and challenging fields of cable television, telephony, E-commerce, customer contact center services, and knowledge process outsourcing, by overseeing transitions, driving transformation, expanding talent and developing human potential.


Raffy Pekson from GoAutodial

In the today’s very competitive world, the small business owner needs all the help he or she can get. That’s where GoAutoDial comes in. We advocate the plight of the small business owner to get head-to-head with its large counterparts by offering a powerful solution that’s priced within the budget of the small business owner.

The web app is free, just like Facebook. We only charge you a minimal amount for the calls that you make. Fair enough, right?

The event closed off with the last speaker:

Janette Toral –  about home based elite and working at home.


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