Catarman Samar, How to get there?

Catarman is a first class municipality and the capital of Northern Samar, Philippines. It is the largest town in terms of land area and population in the province.

Tourist Attractions

Capul Lighthouse
Location: Capul Island, one hour by boat from Allen, Northern Samar, 247 kms. from Tacloban City.
Description: The lighthouse was constructed by the US army corps and engineers.

Batag Lighthouse
Location: Brgy. Marubay, Laoang, 51 kms. from Catarman; accessible by motorboat from Rawis.
Description: Magnificent natural rock formation made more beautiful by the Maydolong landscape aficionados.

Guitagican Beach
Location: Barangay Santa Maria in the town of Borongan.
Description: A 2-kilometer long beautiful white beach ideal for surfing and swimming.

Divinuvo Island
Location: Brgy. Lalawigan, Borongan.
Description: It has a crystal-clear water, white beach, swaying palm trees, multi- colored fishes and corals beneath; best suited for scuba diving and swimming.

Hamorawon Spring
Location: At the heart of the town of Borongan.
Description: A natural spring said to be miraculous. This spring as the Boronganons say, is full of legend that whoever takes a bath in this cool spring especially foreigners, will surely go home with a Boronganon wife. Around this spring is Spanish built stone wall.

San Julian Beach
Location: 17 kms. north of Borongan.
Description: Beautiful white beach. Just a few meters away from the beach with swaying palm trees lies a small lake with fresh water.

Mercedes Beach
Location: Brgy, Bus-bua, 2 kms. north of Guiuan.
Description: A clean white beach considered as a tourist haven. It offers a lot of excitement as you go paddling through its crystal-clear blue waters.


Caraman Samar

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