Chef Michelle Adrillana gives you: ” Flavors On Fire.”

Last 6th of December, 2013 I joined the BergHOFF bloggers night at  The Fundamental Kitchen. The company has a very neat and cozy kitchen in Rada, Makati. It was filled with kitchen tools and equipment, from the hand tools such as knives and spoons to the bigger ones like pots, pans and even induction cooker. The event was in essence to let people know more about  Philip Abadacio, “The Lifestyle Guy”  and Chef Michelle Adrillana’s Flavors on Fire. For now, I am to write more about Chef first and do another article for  Philip.


During the mini-cooking show that we had using BergHOFF products in the The Fundamental KitchenChef Michelle explained what she was doing in the most simple, light and loose way a Chef could. At the time she was cooking bitter melon for demo purposes, but she already had prepared dishes for us which I am very excited to tell you about since my culinary experience with the food served exceeded my initial expectations.

As we went along the cooking, she explained that she doesn’t provide measurements since she strongly believes that every palette is different from one to the other. Instead, she always say “Season to Taste”.  I couldn’t agree more, since having the freedom to add more or lessen a certain spice or flavor is what makes cooking more personal and why it is seen more as an art since Art in any form is really about expression of thyself.


Chef Michelle Adrillana and Philip, The Lifestyle Guy in the "The Fundamental Kitchen"
Chef Michelle Adrillana and Philip, The Lifestyle Guy in the “The Fundamental Kitchen”

After this short presentation, they invited us to have dinner with them by sampling two main viand dishes, one pasta dish and steamed rice. I bet you’ll be so appetized just by looking at the pictures. Photos courtesy of Azrael Coladilla by  Azrael’

Nearest: Paprika Chicken Farther: Poisson à la Meunière
Nearest: Paprika Chicken
Farther: Poisson à la Meunière
Jalapeño Alfredo
Jalapeño Alfredo

I first tried the Paprika Chicken and the Fish in brown butter sauce. There was not so much difference on the chicken for me, but the fish was a revelation. I never had the chance to taste something like it. The fish had a character of its own, I would say because it doesn’t give you an off aftertaste and after smell that normally lingers in my sinuses when I eat anything that comes from sea water. It had the tenderness of  fish but the bite of almost like chicken meat and the butter sauce was in every sense of the phrase- “pure pleasure”. Good job Chef!

My second favorite for that night was the Jalapeno Alfredo. On the picture, it might seem too simple and might look like it lacks more sauce.But when I ate it, I was surprised and astonished. The first word that came out of my mouth was, Wow! The pasta was perfect and the sauce that appeared light initially was actually heavy on flavorful spices, herbs and oils. The taste of the pasta is incomparable to anything that I have tasted so far. I thought a linguine pesto was the best that I could have and I actually thought wrong. I felt and tasted the kick of the Jalapeno when I was almost done with the dish, which I find so nice because it’s gives me an insight comparable to a story of a woman who’s timid and shy at first but is actually fierce and fiery when challenged to prove herself. The entire night was a culinary bliss for me. Thanks to Chef Michelle, Philip, The Lifestyle Guy and BergHOFF Philippines.

I know you guys want to know more about Chef Michelle’s works and expertise. You can actually reach her thru a lot of means. Here are her shows:

Cook eat right every sundays, 9:30-10:30am on UNTV


You can follow her and be kept updated of her Culinary adventures by checking her accounts in her Social Media and her own site:

From left to right: Philip, The Lifestyle Guy, Chef Michelle Adrillana and yours truly
From left to right: Philip, The Lifestyle Guy, Chef Michelle Adrillana and yours truly