Chloe of 96.3 EASYROCK

Chloe of 96.3 EASYROCK.


Putting a face to the wonderful voice you hear over the radio. For those avid fans of EasyRock, here’s a short interview with Chloe, on how she got started as a DJ, how she lost weight, so we can all get to know her a little better.

What province you come from?
Im from the city of naga, born and raised in camarines sur

How did you get started with your radio career?
Wow… Hahaha, let me get you down memory lane , 🙂 ok I got my break back in 97…. But before I tried auditioning in 91 but was told that I’m not made or cut out for being a jock…. So yes after that I kinda felt like discouraged….and then back in 97 , I was good friends with sheila b! A radio dj in love radio naga, Im always tambay when shes on board…so out of desperation to drive me away, she asked a station manager friend from another radio station to give me an audition, so thats it! Thats how i got into the airwaves 🙂


How long have you been a dj
10 years I guess but, there’s a break of like 7 years coz I opted to go corporate back in 2003 to 2008… And then the big break from easyrock came in 2009

How long have you been with easy rock 96.3
Roughly 4 years, I’m one of the pioneers, when it became easyrock, from W rock…

Whats the best thing you love about your job?
Oh the music!!! Never a day without music, i love it more than movies or tv.. Hahahha

Any advice to those who want to become a dj?
Never let anybody or anyone tell you your not cut out to be a jock!!! Ever!!!

Message to.your fans?
Fans??? Hahahha do I have fans????  Hahahah… Oh well, to those who listen to easyrock, thank u for making us the number one niche station in the metro, we are committed to making your life lite and easy, everyday 😉

Who is the person that you most look up to?
I like madonna, because of how she reinvented herself…. And my parents! I think my work ethics came from both of them…

Whats your favorite color?

We know you as an energetic and lively person on air, Describe yourself when you are off air.
Always busy, always looking for something to do at home, doing laundry, groceries…im a restless spirit!

Since you have a busy schedule as DJ and with all your other hosting gigs, How do you destress?
Spa!!!! And quiapo! I love goung to quiapo and binondo for some shopping and chinese food 🙂 i love bargains!!!

How and what did you do to become so sexy and fit?
Honestly??? I got really depressed! Hahhaa so i started losing weight coz i wasn’t sleeping and wasn’t eating…then i realized its actually zipping your mouth that can make you lose weight,,,so i started watching what i eat, and then i started walking 45 mins a day, so i can think and process things in my mind..i love to think…so basically that’s what i did… 90% diet…10% exercise

For those fans to would like to follow more of Chloe, here are her twitter and Facebook accounts.
For facebook – Its Chloe Easyrock, my official page is Chloe of 96.3 Easyrock

Whats your regular schedule at easyrock?

You can catch me from 10 am to 2pm mondays for the program. Remember Someone Today, and Tuesdays for All Day Easy, 10am to 2pm… And then Fridays 10 am to 2pm for Friday Classics….and then back to All Day Easy on saturdays 10 am to 2pm

Any upcoming events?
Catch more of the Easyrock Mall shows next year, and more of the Easyrock bar tours lined up for next year 🙂

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