Chopstop at Eastwood City

Looking for relatively affordable restaurants in Eastwood is a bit of a challenge. But here is another one we found that’s easy on the budget.

Chopstop is right beside Bone and Barrel restaurant which we tried a couple of weeks ago.

Chops 002

At an average og 149 php per meal, the price is not bad. Add 49 pesos and you get a choice of bottomless iced tea or refillable brewed coffee. Nice huh?

Chops 003

Beers at 59 php per bottle is still relatively affordable.

Chops 009

1st up the cheesy bacon fries – honestly, it tasted good- but I would have wanted more bacon and cheese on the fries.

Chops 008

Fish and Chips – well, I’m not a big fan of fish -but my son seemed to like it to the extent he ate 1 and 1/2 pcs of the fish.

Chops 007

Chili Pork Chop -not too spicy, but not good for children.

Chops 006

Chicken Tonkatsu – Crispy and Tender.

Chops 005

Pulled Pork is their version of Adobo Flakes – a little wet than the other versions but I like it.


Chops 010

Buffalo Wings – well, whats to say about wings? Its good, but nothing super.

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