Cloudfone has the seniors covered with their own emergency button

When people get old, we usually get weak.. weaker than we were young.. and usually need help. But what if there is an emergency, even if you had your phone with you.. you still have to find the right number to call then actually make the call.. well, Cloudfone has thought of that and actually have come up with a solution to fasttrack to process of getting help when you need it with their Cloudfone Senior Phone, which comes in 2 variants.. the Bar and the Flip.


The Cloudfone Bar and Flip comes with the S.O.S button which helps seniors that need help, get it fast.


Priced at 799 php for the Cloudfone Lite Senior (Bar) and 1,299 for the Cloudfone Lite Senior (Flip).. this is one phone thats lite on the pocket and heavy in caring.


20 lucky patients in the senior ward of Martinez Memorial Hospital of Caloocan City were lucky to receive free Lite Senior Phones care of the CloudFone Peace of mind activity as part of their CSR.

“In a non-life threatening situation, you can always text or call someone,” explained CellPrime COO Jaime Alcantara. “But if the situation is life threatening, you may not have the time or even the ability to turn on your phone, unlock the screen and look for a number to call. You’re not even sure if those you call can respond fast enough to help you. The S.O.S. Button in the Cloudfone Lite Senior can take care of all that and more.”

How does the S.O.S button work? It activates an alarm, then sends SMS to 5 emergency contacts while calling, all in one press of a button. And to make sure, the call function calls each one of the emergency contacts and keeps on calling all 5 in the list until someone answers the call.

“This is a very simple device that our elderly loved ones, people who are close to our hearts, can appreciate in times of emergency as well as for everyday use, with big fonts and screen display, and large buttons in its keypad. Although we had our seniors in mind when we were developing this, we can also see how this could help with children of school age and other members of the family who can also have peace of mind by having this phone,” said Alcantara.


Nice Job Cloudfone..


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