Converse Philippines reveals Brand Ambassadors

Last May10, 2014 Converse unveiled their newest brand ambassadors at Fairview Ayala Terraces as it also unleashes its Spring Summer collection for 2014 which also highlighted the re-issue of the Chuck Taylor All Star 70’s.

Converse 00008

The event dubbed as “Sneakers Clash” is for the public to be able to experience the kaleidoscope world with the Clash Box – where you can paint, splash your own shirts to create a vibrant colored tee.

Converse 00007

For social media geeks, converse also gives the chance to get their summer photos jazzed up by CJ de Silva when posted with the hashtags #photoclashph.

Converse 00009

” We will not only paint the town red, but in a multitude and dazzling array of colors” says Kate Oliva, Marketing and Advertising Manager for Converse Philippines.

Converse 00002

Highlights of the events are the Ambassadors visiting and Performing during the event.

Converse 00003

Called as the All Star Core Creative is PESO MOVEMENT with ts highly talented members Japs Sergio on guitars and vocals, Francis Reyes on guitar, Macky Macaventa on Bass and Kurt Floreska on Drums. ( For more videos of Peso Movement – visit my youtube account – wahpinas)

Other Ambassadors dubbed as the Converse Creative Connector is the newcomer band Gracenote led by Chen Pangan on lead guitars and back up, Jazz Jorge on Bass, Eunice Jorge on vocals and keyboards, violin and guitars, and EJ Pichay on drums.

Converse 00015

Cons Creative Active is a band that specializes to lightning fast beats and catchy lyrics is Stereodeal with its members Adrian Arcega on vocals and guitars, Dax Gonzaga on bass, Marie de Guzman on drums and Dax Balmeo on guitars.

Converse 00013

Paranoid City is a band wit its members AX on vocals and guitars, 8-BIT on bass, lead synthesizers and back up vocals, Eric Strange on drums and CD R.O.M on support synthesizers, loops and back up vocals is also known as the Jack Purcell Creative Curators.

Non band Ambassadors are Michael  Carandang also a Jack Purcell Creative curator who is also now based in the Philippines. (producer of Tyra Banks Show and America’s Next Top Model)

Converse 00010

Jeff Gonzales – one of the regional skate ambassadors of converse also dropped by.

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