Coworking Space in Shaw Blvd. Mandaluyong City

Looking for Coworking Space in Shaw Blvd. Mandaluyong City? Just what is coworking?

Well, coworking or hot seating is a variation of the Call Center Seat Lease. Whats the Difference?

Well, coworking can be paid on a daily, weekly and monthly rate.. It’s also a variation of the virtual offices solutions offered by some companies.

In coworking there is no space set aside specifically for a person.. Whatever’s free when you get there is where you can seat.. or seat anywhere you like when no one’s around.


Home based workers or Digital Nomads usually end up in coffee shops when they need to work outside for whatever reason they have, and working in a coffee shop or staying too long is usually not an option, besides the fact that you’ll end up spending a ton of money on coffee and food, the lack of electrical outlets and other issues.

With a coworking space you can be assured of power outlets, internet connection and a higher level of security for your equipment.

One company that recently started offering coworking or Hotseating is Sagabay Outsourcing Services which is located in Shaw Blvd. in Liberty Center.

What’s different with them? Besides the fact that they are located and surrounded by places you can eat, buy office supplies, do your grocery and even have a nightcap after work. They also have computers that you can use if you dont have your laptop with you, and ample parking spaces.


So whether, you’re a digital nomad, a work at homer that’s out in the world, or just need a place to hang out for the day to finish work.. check it out.

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Coworking space in Mandaluyong

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