ECC and University of Perpetual Help partner up for a Japanese language program

ECC, a comprehensive life long learning institution (Location: Kita Ward, Osaka City; President: Katsumi Yamaguchi), has teamed up with the University of Perpetual Help (UPH) to provide a Japanese language program in the Philippines.

Japanese is a hard language to master, with different levels of learning that is needed before you master it…but lately, the demand for Japanese language studies have been peaking as proved by the increase in the people taking tests for  the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). This includes the Philippines, which saw a record 14,062 people register for the test in 2017 (a 21% increase over the previous year), many of whom are studying Japanese in the hopes of working in Japan or getting promoted within a Japanese company.

The educational contents provided by ECC, known as the “UPHSD*4-ECC Nihongo Program,” involve a combination of e-learning materials, mobile educational tools, and classes that employ ECC’ s Japanese educational method. By offering this as one of UPH’ s extension programs, it is hoped that students, especially those who wish to work or study in Japan, or find jobs with Japanese companies in the Philippines, will be able to further their Japanese language abilities effectively within a short amount of time. To make the e-learning program even more effective, a once-a-week class in English by a Filipino teacher of Japanese is included, giving students a chance to fully internalize what they have learned. This style of program can be offered at a lower cost compared to conventional Japanese-taught courses, making them more accessible for the average student in the Philippines.

What are the exact details of the partnership between ECC and UPH?

ECC will provide a Japanese language program that combines its educational contents and its Japanese teaching method, which UPH will offer as an extension course.

The program will be promoted as one that can help students reach their goals of working in Japan or at Japanese companies in the Philippines, or of studying at a language school, university, or vocational school in Japan.



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