Educators are awarded in the Readers Cup 2014 by Scholastic Inc.

Education is the most important thing a person can have, and its also important that educators are given their due recognition.

Last August 19, 2014, Scholastic, the publishing company behind Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and other great titles, held its first interschool literacy contest in  Rockwell Tent in Makati City.

And just how do you recognize the efforts of educations? Recognize them with the The Readers Cup, which aims to recognize literacy educators (teachers, librarians, principals and schools) for outstanding work in improving literacy in their school.


131 schools to start to eliminations process with the Scholastic’s Assessment and Enrichment Program (AEP) and Independent Reading Program (IRP). AEP and IRP are premiere end-to-end literacy solution programs that schools subscribe to, producing remarkable and measurable improvements in students’ reading abilities.

Mr. Frank Wong, Head of Scholastic Asia, who is based in Singapore said, “We are not stopping children from reading e-books, but rather, we would like to influence them to appreciate physical books as well. For our program, we target pre-school to grade school children who are too young to jump in using e-books.”


Top 3 schools got awarded with the  “Highest Increase in Total Number of Books Read per school”, “Highest Average number of Books Read per Child”, “Highest Average Lexile* Growth per student” and the “Highest Average Number of Books Read per Student”.

With prestige and honor on the line, the Scholastic Readers Cup is set to raise the bar for literacy in the Philippines. No matter what schools end up winning the Readers Cup, it is clear that the real reward lies in being able to influence each student to become a better reader giving way to a better life.

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