Exclusive for Smart Subscribers LG G2 mini with LTE

LG and Smart Communications partners again in bringing an exclusive.

Only available with Smart is the new version of the LG G2 mini with LTE.

Available at postpaid All – In plan 1200 which includes unlimited LTE at 995 with 205 php left over for other call and text promos. With 2000 php cashout.


What do you get from the LG G2 Mini? how abot its own lock code, guest mode and plug and pop features!

Also announced during the presscon was the availability of HD voice from Smart which is another feature of the LG G2 mini along with other models.


This feature in Smarts network allows for better sound quality during calls and is immediately active as long as you are using phones withe the Adaptive Multi Rate Wideband capability along with the person you are calling.

Besides the mini, also the Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the phones that has this feature. The HD voice of smart needs 2 conditions to work. both phones on both ends needs to have th same technology, and they both need to be in the areas that have HD Voice enabled already.

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