Facebook Messenger is more than Pushy – its down your throat

If you haven’t seen this in your mobile phone – then you’re one of the lucky ones.

faceboom messenger

Facebook it seems isnt content anymore to just give you the option to use facebook messenger if you are just using the facebook app. Next time your mobile phone updates all apps -make sure the Facebook App you have doesnt update or you will also get this message when you try to use it.

It seems it is not only limited to android operating systems but also in IoS.

I know a couple of people that uninstalled the application already , but for some – that is not an option since its rooted in the phone as part of the factory settings.

But if you are one of those that already encountered this – dont fret – just unistall updates from your FB app then log in again.

The push for this is not only in the app but also in the webrowser version of you use a browser on mobile.

It might be because of this article that I found.If it’s true -then its bad – better review all your apps in your phones.


I do hope that its not true.

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