Fila and ATAT Racing Group annnounces partnership

Fila and ATAT (AnyTime, All the Time ) Racing group announced in JILL’s restaurant its partnership.

FILA is a sports brand that supports sports and one of the best ways to do that is throught the Biking Group which is also a racing team, ATAT.


According to their Treasurer Mr. who lead the Press Conference, ATAT team riders actually dont ride their superbikes on the public road anymore and opt to ride them only in the racing arenas.

Officially founded last June 28, 2014, the ATAT Amateur Racing team is the only Racing team that is also a biking group.


Membership to this group is by invitation only and you need to be sponsored by one of the members. Secondly, you need to have a European bike that is above 1,000 cc.


One bike costs at least 1.4 million pesos. The group is composed of businessmen and high level executives from different companies and number a total of 24 as of now.

ATAT TReasurer and Race Manager during the Presscon

One of the biggest advocacies of the group is road safety- thats why they have opted to start using their superbikes only in the racetrack.

The meet and greet was an opportunity for FILA to announce its latest partnership and celebrate the birthday of the woman behind FILA, Ms. Chris Alberts!


The night was a celebration of life and fun for all that attended. FILA SHoe Gift Certificates were given away to lucky attendees that got drawn up along with 3 technomarine watches.

Other FILA Ambassadors were present along with FAbio Ide and the Volcanoes.!

Other special guests were present like one of the Asia’s  TOP Model participants.


Did you know?

ATAT is the only racing team that has a fully airconditioned dugout in BRC?


Did you also know that there are 2 new racing circuits that is to be opened soon besides the BRC and the one in Clark? Tarlac and Cavite is soon to open.

More Power to FILA Philippines And goodluck to ATAT Racing team in your races!


Team members and officers to be posted here soon.

Special thanks to Edel of for letting me borrow some of her pictures






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