Finance Management skills.. learn it with Salve Duplito and Pioneer

Finances are the biggest problem of everyone nowadays.. Knowing how to much money you have that you need to manage is a skill that everybody needs to learn. The best teachers are those with experience and knowledge, and one of the best coaches out there is Salve Duplito.

Get More out of Money, Get More out of Life!

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This October 11, 2014, for half a day on a Saturday, Salve Duplito, financial adviser will share tips on how to create your own financial game plan, effectively allowing you to get more out of money, and inevitably, get more out of life. Salve Duplito, resident financial adviser on ANC’s daily show On the Money and a financial education advocate, will share insights that will equip workshop participants with a springboard towards wise management of their personal finances.


Salve’s story reveals her passion towards her advocacy – having grown up poor, this UP Diliman scholar learned how to manage her money the hard way. Her epiphany about money happened when she and her husband lost the investment they made in an education plan. She thought, “If only people knew they can save and invest on their own, they won’t buy products like these anymore.” This turning point was the start of a new career for her. “This is why financial education has become an advocacy for me, because I was also a victim.” It’s an advocacy shared by Pioneer Life Inc., the company that has made the Get More Out of Money, Get More Out of Life workshop possible.


The best thing about this seminar is that there will be an actual workshop, where Salve and her team of coaches will help you find out where you are exactly financially.

At the end of the workshop, financial coaches will be on stand by for one-on-one sessions with participants.

Want to get more out of money, and more out of life? Then spend just 4 hours with Salve. The minutes will tick by fast, but what you’ll learn may just alter the face of your personal financial landscape forever.

This event with Salve and Pioneer is a must attend event for people that wants to be financially literate and take control of their lives.I definitely will be there!


Saturday, October 11, 2014

9 am- 12nn

The Ascott Makati



Interested participants can take advantage of a P1,800 early bird rate, discounted from the regular P3,500 rate by going to ADeals. Or they can email


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