Flying to General Santos on a PAL flight

I just flew to General Santos in Mindanao via PAL or Philippine Airlines. I havent flown in a while, about a couple of months.  Here are some of the things that I noticed.

1. It seems that PAL has returned to its old style.. When I say old style, as it was about 15 years ago. Those that are old enough to remember know that then, stewardesses wore uniforms, not the current short and shirt style, but real full uniforms stewardesses are known for.

2. It seems , maybe just for the long flights, that they have started serving light snacks already.

3. Internet access is available free for 15 minutes.( in a sense) Log in to the wifi – Pal Air – then open browser – you will get a push notification thru your mobile like this.




Then log in to the system via browser.


Bad thing? you actually wont be able to use the wifi if you dont have a credit card or log in with your credit card details… boooo!

If you didnt know you can actually use your phones during the flight… read here.

Dont try to use your data plan during the flight -why? It’ll be on roaming already – and data roaming charges are high!!


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