FOX International Channels consolidates sports in 3 channels

FOX International Channels announced last August of their move to consolidate sports shows in 3 new channels. Basically turning FOX Sports, Star Sports and FOX Sports Plus, into  Fox Sports, Fox Sports 2 and Fox Sports 3

One of the reasons for this is to provide more airtime for Sports that the local market is looking for.

Fox Sports will be featuring more on Basketball, Football and Nascar events.

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FOX Sports 2 is the channel dedicated to ball sports, racquet sports, athletics and more, featuring three of the four tennis Majors: Wimbledon, French and Australian Opens.

FOX Sports 3 will feature adrenaline-pumping sports programs, spearheaded by  Formula One and MotoGP, and other f combat sports such as classic boxing and kickboxing.

FOX will also soon be available hopefully with the other cable providers in HD. So far, talks are moving along with 1 one the 3 major cable providers already planning to carry the HD versions.

In addition to the familiar faces that viewers have been used to watching on FOX Sports and STAR Sports, viewers can look forward to new presenters who will make sports come alive with their analysis, comments and overall sense of fun. FOX Sports, FOX Sports 2 and FOX Sports 3 will also sport a new look with clearer graphics that will give viewers better information, and all studio shows will be presented in a brand-new, state-of-the-art studio in Singapore, with touch-screen analysis capability.


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