GCASH launches 1st QR Code mobile payment called GoPay

Looks like the strategic partnerships that GCASH has made in the last few months are starting to pay off… this time in technology transfers with the help of Alipay in the form of GoPay, the country’s first QR mobile payment via an app.

No worries, you dont need to download a new app.. just make sure your GCASH application is updated to the newest version and you are all set to go.. for an easier time on how to use it.. ( updated August 9 ,2017)

QR codes are something like the big brother of the bar codes that supermarkets and groceries use to track a specific item…

I just grabbed this QR code from the internet.. I think its from wikipedia.

Scan that with a QR code scanner and it will tell you any information that has been embedded in it…

This is a great way for merchants or vendors to get paid without a POS system or a swipe teminal which is often times bulky and wonky. All you need to do is scan the QR code of the merchant which is unique to them… enter the amount you need to pay… then viola!.. you’ll receive a sms message re the payment details.. and the merchant receives an email notification. And all of this is done thru your smartphone!

Our goal has always been to make finance more inclusive by building a cashless ecosystem. GoPay QR payments solution will close the loop and drive merchants accepting GCash payments. We plan to extend this service from all types of retailers nationwide down to our favorite fishball vendor.” said John Rubio CEO and President of Mynt, a subsidiary of Globe Telecom dedicated to developing payments solutions using GCash.

JM Aujero, Mynt Merchant Acquiring Head added:  With GoPay QR, consumers don’t even need to bring cash when they go shopping or when they eat out.  It is the best option for people who do not want to use credit cards but are either wary of having cash with them due to safety reasons or just want the convenience that mobile money offers.”

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