Get Cool this Christmas with the Carrier XPower 2 Hi-Wall

Its Christmas time in the Philippines and it seems that the cold weather is late in coming here.

No worries, even if the cool weather seems to have taken the wrong turn somewhere, you can still enjoy the cool air in the comfort of your own home.

Concepcion-Carrier, the country’s leading provider of cooling solutions, is offering a range of state of the art, energy-efficient air conditioners that promises to cool your homes long after Santa leaves your presents under the tree.

1.  Carrier XPower 2 Hi-Wall which gives 53% more savings versus other inverters

2. Carrier Optima, a highly efficient cooling solution that gives the lowest electricity consumption with inverter-like savings;

3. Condura Inverter, a cooling unit that combines savings, value and durability.

53% more savings versus other inverters

The Carrier XPower 2 Hi-Wall has an advanced inverter technology that provides as high as 53% more compared against other inverter brands. It delivers world-class performance in terms of cooling comfort, quiet operation and energy savings.

Another perk of this brand is that it offers clean air  thanks to its Nano Technology Filtration System which controls the indoor air quality inside the home and eliminates bacteria, mold and mildew while neutralizing odors.


Optimized cooling

The Carrier Optima is equipped with an energy-efficient compressor that delivers the lowest electricity consumption while providing inverter-like savings compared to other brands in the fixed-speed category.

In as little as 2 years, you can consider your initial investment paid back, thanks to the Carrier Optima’s annual savings of P12,000. The Optima also comes with air-cleaning and protective filters, blue fin coating to protect against corrosion, an auto restart and leak detection feature and a remote control for easy access to the Carrier Optima’s range of features like the turbo and sleep mode.

For value-conscious consumers

For people and homeowners looking for the 3 main things that every one is looking for: savings, durability and value for money, Concepcion-Carrier recommends the Condura Inverter. Costing almost as low as P4.00 to run per hour, the Condura Inverter is equipped with a highly efficient DC rotary inverter technology which steadily cools rooms once the desired temperature is reached.

Now that’s cool…..




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