Globe Digital Lifestyle Expo 2014, solutions made especially for the Filipinos


Last August 22, 2014 Globe launched  the very first Digital Lifestyle Expo at the SM Megamall Fashion Hall. It is the pioneer of its kind across all telecommunications company in the country. Globe gave a short on-stage video and theatrical presentation of how Philippines evolved from the then and now and how Globe has become a part of the Filipinos technological journey. It was so exciting to be reminded that Globe has been partners with the Filipino people for so many years now. Right after, we were graced by the presence of none other than Mr. Peter Bithos, who is the Chief Operating Advisor. As a prelude to launching some of the great news he commemorated Globe’s partnership with online publishers and producers. One of the biggest was Facebook when last year Globe users were given the opportunity to use it even offline for free. Another top mobile applications were Viber and Spotify partnerships that paved the way for Filipinos to enjoy convenient communications and high-quality music.


This year, Globe is again working with another humongous partnership and this time, with Google. Interestingly true, Peter was right when he mentioned that only a small fraction of the Filipino population have credit cards. In fact, in numbers it is just five million of our over ninety million country population have active credit cards. So he shared his personal frustration when Google Play Store users can’t buy games, specs, applications, e-books or even music just because they don’t have a credit card. So, because Globe loves their network of users  the company immediately started working on the solution right after the opportunity was identified in the corporate section. Now, purchases can be completed using your Globe prepaid or billing the cost under your post-paid plan.

“Every single Filipino can back up, download, and start sharing their life,”

added Bithos

Peter also noted how tedious storage is here in the country. Most Filipinos opt to have an external drive, lots of flash drives or CDs but that very day Peter introduced Globe Cloud. This is an application that can be downloaded from the Play Store for free and you get to purchase as low as 1G of cloud storage space using either your Globe prepaid or bill it to your post paid plan, whatever works for you Globe makes a way for it to be achieved. For avid movie enthusiasts I’m sure you guys are familiar with GMovies, well it has already upgraded. Now, no need to print the ticket. You can now book the movie pay it using your Globe prepaid load, select a seat and schedule and just like that you can go straight to the entrance upon start of the show. No need to be hassled with lining up or the added task of printing the ticket. As easy as that, you got yourself a movie. Globe also has something for hardcore gamers. They have partnered with American Express so all you need to do is just download XBOX or Playstation and you can buy games from there without using a credit card. On top of everything, the most exciting part for all my countrymen is these newly-launched services that are accessible from Google Play can be enjoyed by everybody no matter what local Telco company they are under, be it Smart, Sun, Talk and Text or TM.



There were panels of discussion focal to the customer experience. The speakers who are executives of application companies like Spotify, Zomato, Zalora, Manila Bulletin and a lot more revolved their exchange of opinions, comments and great news within the concepts of “create and share” as well as “work and play”. They were very interesting to listen to since it implies that as a country we are slowly beginning to acknowledge and cater to the increasing demand of digital technology. In line with it, it amazes me more that Globe was able to do all of these in a span of 2-4 years. Just about when the speakers were done, we roamed around to get to know Globe Play Store applications as well as other big partners. They were:

  1. ZAP is the Philippines’ first rewards program that lets you earn 5% to 20% Cash Back at your favorite establishments with just your mobile number.
  2. They screen fro rent and for sale properties to showcase on their site. With convenience people can now see the wide array of options they have especially when they want to live in the metro
  3. ZALORA– Online shopping platform.
  4. Zomato– The Facebook of restaurants.

As well as other very famous applications and companies like LG, Manila Bulletin, Spotify, Flicker, Globe GoSakto, Globe MyBusiness, Gapps, Gcash, Samsung, CloudFone, Digital Advertising, CXP and Kick Start. Below are some photos taken:

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