Globe MyBusiness again offers another opportunity for SME’s to earn

Globe Telecom is truly one of the companies that keep a look out for SME’s on being able to earn as much as possible with as little cost… Having an entire department dedicated to focus mainly on the SME sector is a testament to that..

A couple of months ago, the Globe SME team launched its newest offering to small business with the postpaid plan that already offers or bundles the landline number with any plan plus the 1 month free trial for a website.. this time they launched the wifi hub that allows businesses a certain level of control for internet usage to their clients..

Globe MyBusiness Wifi HubIntroducing the MyBusiness Wifi Hub… Before businesses that could offer these were only the big hotels and restaurants.. Now MyBusiness makes it easier for new plan owners by bundling it with a 5 mbps plan at 1,899 php per month only at a 2 year holding contract.

How does it work? It basically prints out in a small paper the user name and password needed to connect to the wifi..

You can control it via time based or volume ( bytes used ) based consumption. Cool, right?

Just imagine it in a carwash setting or a salon.. No Data plan? No worries.. just get a 10 peso – 30 minute plan for internet while waiting for your car to get finished..

Businesses that dont want to resell their internet connection can use this to control the no of people connected at a given time or even control the amount of KB’s they use up.. No more Tambay to the max with 1 coffee lang.. lol.

New customers can opt for the Plan 1899 with speeds of up to 5 Mbps for a DSL or LTE connection. It comes with the WiFi Hub, alongside a Globe DUO number that allows unlimited calls to landline and Globe/TM numbers, and a dedicated after-sales support.

The WiFi Hub has a built-in printer to generate and print individual log-ins and passwords for customers for better security and management. It comes with unlimited PINs to service more customers at no extra cost and without the inconvenience of purchasing a new set of pins each time. The WiFi Hub can serve up to 20 simultaneous users and business owners can modify access to either time- or volume-based internet connectivity. The WiFi Hub is a secure connection and is not prone to abuse by non-paying customers.

The WiFi Hub is also an affordable add-on to existing Globe myBusiness broadband customers at only P299 per month for 24 months. Other broadband plans are available starting at Plan 1599 for up to 3 Mbps to Plan 4299 for up to 15 Mbps.

As Senior Vice President for Globe myBusiness Martha Sazon says, “Our thrust in inspiring success among entrepreneurs continues with the launch of the myBusiness WiFi Hub that will allow our SME customers to offer internet connectivity to their customers, definitely a sound opportunity for them to grow their businesses and increase profits.”



For more information –  read the entire press release here.

How I wish, I had one.. lol



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