Globe opens Gen3 stores simultaneously in CDO and QC

Globe Telecom the leader in postpaid among the Telco’s recently reopened the first 2 stores redesigned to become the #nextact in the Gen3 stores in Cagayan de Oro in Lim Ket Kai Mall and in SM North Edsa in Quezon City…

Globe NextAct Gen 3 Stores 005

Attendees to the opening of both stores were treated with a first hand look at the stores before anyone else.

image_gallery The new stores are surprisingly uncluttered.. and clean looking..

“Globe is about to turn the telecom world on its head.”
-Tim Kobe –
Gone is the usual store set-up—what you will experience is a series of ever-changing lifestyle vignettes designed to catch your attention. You’ll get the feeling that the space is alive, as the topography of the store is reconfigurable and interactive. You’ll want to come in again and again because there’s always something new to experience in the different zones of the new Gen3 stores.
Globe NextAct Gen 3 Stores 003
The program started with a both parties broadcasting from each location –  Quezon City and Cagayan De Oro… Globe NextAct Gen 3 Stores 001
After the program proper –  the unveiling of the stores were done and shown to the general public with me and a couple of other bloggers from Manila and CDO being among the 1st to enter the newly renovated store..
Globe NextAct Gen 3 Stores 009
Some of our new found friends in CDO among them a veteran Manila Blogger that relocated to CDO.
Globe NextAct Gen 3 Stores 004
“Design and great user experience is a core strength at Globe. It means the things that matter to you are things that matter to Globe.”
Globe NextAct Gen 3 Store 001
Hosts, Globe Executives and City Officials join together in a toast to celebrate the opening of the Cagayan De Oro Gen3 Store.
Here are some of the things that caught my attention in store..
Globe NextAct Gen 3 Stores 017
 Want to become a DJ? Hehehe.. the new Gen3 stores lets the customers interact with the stuff they want and what they need.. the entire store has been transformed to cater to every customers needs based on what he needs.
 Whether thats paying a bill.. talking to the customer service representative,,, trying out a new phone or even trying out new games available..
2 things that caught my attention most …
Bills Payment
Globe NextAct Gen 3 Stores 014
No need to fall inline and pay your bills with a live person… now you can pay using the automated way!! Yehey!!
Globe NextAct Gen 3 Stores 016
What’s the 2nd one? See the picture on top? Hate talking to someone over the phone and not seeing who they are or seeing their facial reactions while you talk to them regarding your concern? Worry no more… now you can see who you are talking to!! Try out the video call customer service booth…
And whats the better news? Globe Telecom will be transforming more stores this 2015 to Gen3 stores! Yehey!!!!

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