Globe Slipstream takes over Bonifacio Global City

August 30, 2014 – The globe slipstream event was held in Bonifacio Global City with the Mind Museum being the center for the days activity.

Highlights of the day were F1 junior driver Marlon Stockinger driving his Lotus WSR Gravity Charouz Formula Renault 3.5 around a course around Mind Museum.


During the afternoon – 3 rounds of racing was done by Marlon spaced out during the day with him capping each round doing doughnut turns and burn – outs

Marlon being interviewed by Boom Gonzales.
Marlon being interviewed by Boom Gonzales.


Other participants of the day was the Ducati Riders Club and a lot of luxury high end cars.

The fastest that Marlon was able to run in BGC was about 200 km per hour which was a thrill for him, why? Just imagine being able to run a F1 race car in the streets of the place he used to go to school in? Cool right.

IMG_2796 IMG_2806

When we got to meet Marlon for a short press meet – I asked him , how fast is the fastest speed that you’ve even driven – according to him somewhere around 330 km/hr. In the last competition that he ended 2nd place -his speed was about 320 km/hour -that’s fast… I guess that’s why he is called the Prince of Speed!


When asked, What are you thinking about when you are driving?… Marlon jokingly responds.. DON’T CRASH..DON’T CRASH.

Here’s a short video snippet of the interview

For those that want more pictures of Marlon -Here’s a couple more.

IMG_2762 IMG_2751
TO cap off the days celebrations a concert was held in the amphitheater of BC with Bands like Up Dharma Down, Yolanda Moon and a couple more others.

This event is also to celebrate Globe’s Milestone where it achieved its 100% 3G network coverage nationwide.

When we got to talk to Peter Bithos of Globe and asked about Slipstream 2.0 – Yes – and hopefully by then Marlon is a full fledged F1 driver.



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