Globe Tattoo Home bundle at 5 mbps at 1599 per month

Competition really does benefit the consumers. Before I used to pay for 1299 for internet plus landline with speeds less than 1 mbps.

Now I get upto 5 mbps at the price of 1599 per month! SWEET!!!


And that’s not all! You also get unlimited globe to globe calls whether its mobile or landline calls.  Now our family can keep connected and call everyone, anytime without  worries of getting humongous telephone charges due to calls to our mobile phones! It also includes calls to Touch Mobile.

And also includes a wifi router!! Woooohooo.!!!!!!!!!!!


To find out more about the different plans – heres the link to the Tattoo Home page.

What can you do with 5 mbps internet connection?

Have you tried editing or creating a website in wordpress using a slow internet connection? It’s crazy. Haahahaha. Now I can edit my clients websites while, uploading pictures to their flickr account while having a conference call on skype while keeping my facebook open to monitor the fan pages I manage.


Now if you’re a work at home dad like me, or planning to start working at home or just plain looking for a fast and affordable and fully loaded internet plan for your home, then it’s time to get connected with Globe Tattoo Home Broadband bundles and experience the difference.

Keep tuned in for more updates re our experience on the new Tattoo Home bundles!





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