Globe Telecom makes it easier for Work At Home People work at home…

Globe Telecom makes it easier for Work At Home People work at home… I started working at home about 6 years ago… back then I was working at home full time for a company in New Jersey as the Business Development Manager for a CRO.. we used Skype to get online US numbers so that my boss and our partners and clients in the US could call us without any extra charges on their side.. drawback??? when you’re offline and no internet,, no calls can come through..

A lot of work at home people need foreign DID numbers for their clients to call in.. mostly US.. Not only the work at home segment but also those who have relatives, friends and loved ones abroad… Globe Telecom now makes it easier for everyone to keep in touch even without internet with its International Duo..



For the entire month of October 2014, Filipinos based in the countries covered by DUO International can save as much as 96% when they call their families, friends and loved ones in the Philippines. With Globe DUO International, a Globe or TM number in the Philippines is assigned with a landline number in the chosen DUO International country. International calls are charged at local rates, eliminating anxiety over international long distance charges.

For as low as US$0.03 or P1.50 a day, overseas Filipinos in the United States, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom can call their families in the Philippines and enjoy talk time of up to 100 minutes per day.

Globe Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer for International and Business Markets Gil Genio said that, “At Globe, we continue to find ways to delight our customers wherever they are in the world. The DUO International $1 promo is proof that the wonderful service of Globe can span continents as we serve our kababayans abroad who have relatives, friends and associates in the Philippines through calling services that are made easy, convenient and very affordable to them.”


How does it actually work? The ones abroad signup forthe Duo plan… provide the TM or Globe number of the person they want to call in the Philippines.. That number is attached with a corresponding number for the country the Relative is in.. for exampleI am in Japan, and my wife is in the Philippines… I subscribe thru one of the partners of Globe Telecom.. pay the fee.. provide the Globe or TM number.. Globe will now assign a corresponding Japan number to that Globe number.. I call that number that Globe assigned and my call goes directly to the mobile phone of my wife with only local charges for a call to Japan!

Here are the countries again that you can get DID numbers for to call your relatives in the Philippines..













South Africa

South Korea






New Zealand



Switzerland and the UK

Let us know if you are interested in signing up and we will have one of the agents from Sagabay to help you out…

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