Globe Telecom partners with Brastel in Japan

Globe Telecom recently announced their partnership with Brastel on a co branded rechargeable card for the Japan Market


With over 250,000 Filipinos living in Japan, the partnership between Brastel and Globe Telecom makes sense… The partnership offers users of the co branded card lower rates when calling to the Philippines to globe numbers..

The co branded card between the 2 companies offers as much as 50% off on the call rates…from 70 yen to around 35 yen when using a mobile phone or from 40 yen to 20 yen when using landlines.

The card will be available in over 44,000 outlets all over Japan.

Reloading can be done in denominations of 2,000 to 10,000 yen.


Relatives of the users of the co branded card in Japan will also receive a free Globe SiM card in the Philippines to make it easier for them to call each other and take advantage of the lower call rates..

The cards are pre loaded with free 10 minutes worth of calls.


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