Globe Telecom announces LTE A with 220 mbps speed and LTE eMBMS

Globe Telecom the only Telecommunication Company in Asia that has full 3G coverage in its entire network demonstrated how LTE – CA also known as Carrier Aggregation to the media. (or LTE – A)

In simplest terms to explain what LTE CA is… Basically its combining 2 or more bandwidths of internet into one to provide faster internet to subscribers. Imagine that LTE is a 2 inch pipe that brings you water. LTE CA is like giving you 2 or more water pipes to use.


During the test Globe uses 2 20 megahertz bandwidth to provide as much as 222 mbps upload and download during the test.


Just imagine what you can do with 222 mbps internet speed. I want that!!

One big need for this technology to be used is the devices that are capable to use the technology in which Huawei is one of the technology partners of Globe that is developing devices for.


Globe also announced LTE eMBMS ( enhanced Multomedia Broadcast and Multicast Service)which is basically a broadcasting platform via internet with the use of a set top box in which video and audio channels are broadcast for viewing.

LTE eMBMS – can accomodate upto 20 HD channels – cool right?

LTE eMBMS is one answer to decongesting bandwidth usage to access one specific content. How does this work? Basically the broadcaster will be the one controlling the shows and content and viewers access thru the set top box via the internet.


The application used is called the Live Room.

Both these technologies will be available sometime in 2015.


in the picture from left to right is as follows: Ashish Pilani, Manny Estrada and Huawei Representative


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