Goautodial updated to 3.0

GoAutoDial breaks its cloud barriers by providing a much improved, cost-effective and highly efficient cloud based telephony solution for your customer contact needs.

For those in the Call Center | BPO industry, having a cost effective telephony solution is one of the most important aspects that you need. Having a cloud based telephony solution that is free to use with just the need to pay for the actual minutes you use is a boon.

Small and Medium Centers usually cant afford to tie up valuable resources in items or solutions that are to costly or takes away a huge chunk of their liquidity in terms of resources. Setting up and Maintaining your own telephony sources is a daunting task, not withstanding the cost it entails.

GoAutoDial has made it easier and more stable for its clients the use of its Just Go Cloud services by a couple of notches.

1. Replication and mirroring of the U.S. cloud centers to ensure maximum uptime, reduced downtime of its servers. Introducing redundancy to its telephony infrasturcture while maintaining its security and privacy of data.

2. Increased capacity if the cloud solution to accomodate more than a hundred thousand users at the same time.

3. Lastly at not at all the least, reducing the cost of calls to US and Canada by a staggering 20%. Less Cost always means more profit or savings for a company

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