GoSurf is a hit with Globe Subscribers

GoSurf is a hit with Globe Subscribers, Why?


Over 90% of customers now on Globe GoSURF

Because Globe customers opt for consumable data plans to get the most Out of their mobile experience

Now, with the proliferation of WIFI hotspots, data plans and ways to connect, consumers are getting more and more picky.

With that, leading telco companies like Globe Telecom take on the challenge of going beyond texts and call services to improve a customer’s overall mobile experience. From the success of Globe Free Facebook, the company took on the opportunity to introduce better data plans that not only fulfill the customer’s connectivity needs but also add value for their money.

Understanding these needs, Globe recently introduced GoSURF, its latest consumable mobile internet plan which offers customers megabytes (MB) of data used to access the Internet. To date, over 90% of Globe customers now opt for GoSURF to access the World Wide Web. Globe follows the lead of international telco giants like Verizon that have recently started pushing for their tiered plans to encourage especially those still on an unlimited data plan to shift for a better online experience.

The #gosurf plans provides a wide range of data plans that are consumable for different data packets and length of days for as low as P10 for 10 MB to as high as P2499 for 15 GB,” shares Globe Chief Operating Advisor Peter Bithos.

Want some more good news?  GoSURF is not subject to FUP, where a customer’s mobile browsing experience is affected when data usage goes beyond the allocation. With GoSURF, a customer is allowed to use up the purchased amount of data without being switched to slower speeds. GoSURF, customers only pay for the data they consume, whatever their online activity may be.

GoSurf also comes with ANTI-Bill shockto help keep the customers safe from excess charges in their bills.

Another great offering is that Gosurf also comes with Spotify for 6 months. Globe has a partnership with Spotify that provides streaming services for more than 30 million songs.

Best of all is that users will have the best experience in surfing since globe has upgraded its network to full 3g coverage in the entire Philippines.

To know more about Globe and its latest data plans and other products and services, visit http://www.globe.com.ph/surf/plan/gosurf, call 730-1010, or visit any Globe store nearest you

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