Grand Tribal Parade, Sinulog de Kabankalan 2014

The Sinulog festival is an act of Thanksgiving. A way to express thanks to the STo. Nino who is revered by the bisayas.According to tradition, in the early days that Filipino Christians were being attacked by the Moros, the Sto. Nino saved the day.

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The Sinulog is the Kabankalan version of the Ati Atihan which is a tribal war dance that was done by our ancestors.

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Kabanklan has a total land area of 697,355 square kilometer and a population of 166,970 as of 2007.

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The parade started out with a mass blessing then moved on to the individual showcasing of the 12 baranggays that joined out of 32 baranggays in the city.

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Tourists from all around cme to Kabankalan to watch the parade, above is a shot of or good friend Azrael from

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Even foreigners came out to watch the parade and ended up being “greased” by the locals ( i mean painted black from soot or charcoal)

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And in the picture above are some of the local culprits of the soot! hehehe. All in good fun!

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Even the local beauty queens in the Sinulog Queen contest came out to join the festivities.

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I can honestly say that the kabankalans are very beautiful.

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Calling Alfred – Do you know that girl with the dazzling smile??

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Contestants from 12 baranggays joined the parade.

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One of the guidlines to join the contest was to have at least 60 dancers and 20 musicians.

In this post are some of my favorite shots taken during the parade.

3 winners plus some special categories were chosen.

Tribu Camingawan, Barangay Camingawan
(P100,000.00 cash + Trophy + P500,000.00 worth of project)

1st Runner-up
Tribu Ompong, Barangay Tabugon
(P75,000.00 cash + Trophy + P400,000.00 worth of project)

2nd Runner-up
Tribu Atiklan, Barangay Binicuil
(P50,000.00 cash + Trophy + P300,000.00 worth of project)

3rd Runner-up
Tribu Tumandok, Barangay Tagukon
(P25,000.00 cash + Trophy + P200,000.00 worth of project)


Best in Street Dancing
Tribu Camingawan, Barangay Camingawan
(P15,000.00 cash + Trophy)

Best in Choreography
Tribu Camingawan, Barangay Camingawan
(P10,000.00 cash + Trophy)

Best in Costume
Tribu Ompong – Brgy. Tabugon
(P10,000.00 cash + Trophy)

Best in Music
Tribu Ompong, Brgy. Tabugon — P10,000.00
Tribu Camingawan, Camingawan — P7,000.00
Tribu Tumandok, Tagukon — P 5,000.00


Best in Costume Design
Tribu Camingawan, Brgy. Camingawan
(for the Designer) (P10,000.00 cash + Trophy)

Best in Tribal Banner
Tribu Ompong, Brgy. Tabugon
(P5,000.00 cash + Trophy)

Special thanks to Zaycoland for hosting our stay!

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