Groufie Tech.. boosts sales for Vivo Smartphones

Selfies by yourself is good.. but being able to fit everyone in a Groufie is AWESOME!

And that is one important feature that you will find in the latest Vivo Phones.. the Groufie Technology….

Just what is the Groufie technology.. basiclally, it helps you get everyone into the shot easier..

The latest member of the V5 line has a new and exciting feature not found in its predecessors—the Groufie technology. This new feature allows panorama-panning effects in ‘groufies’ or group shots and likewise help capture outdoor ‘groufies’ or family portraits without needing to squeeze in or cut out anyone.

This superior offering has widened Vivo’s lead over its competitors and captured a larger market for the leading smartphone brand as it continues to appeal to selfie-loving Filipinos.

With the new Groufie technology, selfie lovers may now ditch that cumbersome selfie monopod when taking group selfie shots. This exciting new feature supports both portrait and landscape orientations. With its panoramic panning effects, you can now take group selfie shots without leaving anyone behind.

Besides having the groufie feature in the latest V5s, it also has a bigger storage capacity at 64 GB ROM and 4 GB RAM with a 20 megapixel front camera… anyone have an idea how big a picture you can actually print using the photo from a 20 MP camera? A billboard sized picture.. lol.. check out the article here..

So what are you waiting for.. test out the Vivo V5s in any of the nearest Vivo Stores available to you


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