Headsets, headsets and headsets

To all of us that have worked or are still working in the BPO industry, headsets are our best friend, constant close companion and everyday tool.


There are a lot of headsets available in the market today. From 3.5 jacks, USB’s, to RJ 11 jacks. Choosing the best headset that fits your needs is very important.

Here are some of the brands available in the market today.






A4 tech


Each of these brands have their own unique models and differentiators for the headsets. Knowing what you want and what you need is very important. Along with the budget that you’re willing to spend.

The newest entry in the Philippine market is the STH brand. Distributed by Sagabay Technologies who is dedicated to providing quality, affordable and durable headsets for all types of call centers. Sagabay Technologies has a wide array of different models to choose from based on your needs and your budget.

Check out their most affordable noise cancelling headset the STH00235. The STH00235 is a 3.5 mm jack headset which is stylish, comfortable to wear, durable and most importantly affordable.


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