Healthy and Safe Cooking anyone?

Cooking, cooking cooking.

Everyone needs to cook right? I cook. My friends cook and even single bachelors that I know cook.

Have you ever thought about how you cook things? And what you put into what you cook seriously?

The other day I was able to watch a cooking demo that made use of the basic stuff thats already in the food the you’re going to cook. Like cooking fried chicken without adding any oil. Cooking Pasta without water. Cooking Sinigang without water. Impossible? Nope. If you’re one of those persons that need to see something to believe it, what if I say you can see it, then taste it too?

A lot of people often don’t even give a second thought on what they use to cook. Like me, all I thought was that you get a pan, put oil and fry it. Same with my job before as a call center manager in a medium sized center – I thought that all headsets were the same. What you bought ijn a simple store would work the same as a high branded expensive headset, well boy was I wrong.

Same with cookware, most of it has different types, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, cast iron and carbon steel to name a few.

Healthy cooking starts with less things you put in your food while you cook.

1. Grease –  less Crispy Lechon Kawali


2. Grease – less Crispy Fried Chicken


Both the Grease LESS chicken and Liempo were cooked the same way – NO GREASE – or basically no oil. Basic seasoning like salt and pepper were of course added to both to give it some flavor, then cooked using the 14-inch Royal Prestige ® Innove ™ Paella Pan. The chicken and the liempo were basically cooked in their own fat. You save on oil and remove all the fat. Nice!

Or have you ever wanted to cook baked macaroni but you don’t have an oven?

Oven – less Cheesy Baked Macaroni


How was it cooked? Well, it takes special cookware from a special company to do that.

The baked macoroni was cooked in just about 30 minutes compared to cooking it in an oven which would take longer and basically mean that you need an oven.

And boy was it yummy!. Imagine cooking baked mac in 30 mins.

How did people our cooks from the cooking demo do it? Its all in the cookware.

The cookware used were from Royal Prestige which is being distributed in the Philippines by PUREHEALTH TRADING from Hy Cite Corporation which produces premium-quality
high-performance cookware. Hy Cite Corporation is a Madison, Wisconsin based company established in 1959 and hasbecome one of the leaders and innovators in direct sales and marketing. They produce the hugely successful Royal Prestige ® Innove™ and Nutraease™ cooking systems.

Whats the difference between Royal Prestige ® Innove™ and Nutraease™ cooking systems and the others? Its how the cookware is made and from what materials is used.

What kind of materials?

Surgical Stainless Steel T-304: Resistant, sanitary, and easy to clean. It produces no food reactions that can alter the taste.
Aluminum 1050/3003/1050: For even heating. It is ideal for an excellent heat conduction and distribution.
430 Series Magnetic Induction Stainless Steel: Durable, easy to clean and maintains its luster. This type of steel has been specially designed to be used on the new magnetic induction cooktops.
Imagine cookware with Lifetime warranty or almost a lifetime with its 50 year warranty. If at any time any of the parts malfunction, the company will replace it immediately, or refurbish it. The company does this through its army of sales consultants who service their customers wherever they are, visiting them to check if their sets need polishing or if parts need replacement.

Want to experience a cooking demo for you and your family? Interested on getting a set all for yourself? Dont tire yourself out in going around the malls and shops coz you wont find them there. Contact Ms. Millicent Joy Isaac at mobile no. 0922-883-7284 or 799-4237, and her e-mail address at

Here are some more shots of the food prepared in the cooking demo along with the cookware used – and take note: All of these were prepared in less than 45 minutes in all.

Ron is a happily married man for more than 10 years, the father of 3 boys. Loves to write about places that he visits. And works in the BPO industry.