Helping the world make the necessary changes with the United Nations

How do we help make a difference in the world? To make a difference , one must first be heard. The United Nations is making a move via the internet to reach out to people regarding their most pressing concerns. In line with this, bloggers in the Philippines have decided to help with the The World We Want Philippines project’s blogger initiative.


There is a saying “All it takes for evil to triumph is for one good man to do nothing.”

Here is our chance to be heard. With the power of the internet and social media, we can help voice out our concerns and encourage others to do the same.

United Nations


Help the United Nations build it goals for a better earth by voting in the link above.

Choose 6 concerns that you think is most important. Share on your social media pages and encourage others to do so.

It may be things about climate change and environmental concerns, or about safety and governments, whatever you choose, it will help the UN set its goals better for the years 2015 and onwards.

If you have anything to share, especially about our environment, feel free to post on this FB page

For more information about the UN Initiatives –

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